The original batch of T-shirts was produced by Jonathan H N Chin.


I printed a batch of T-Shirts for shipping to UK or Europe in mid-2000. See the status page for how many I produced, and a graphical breakdown of how many of each size and colour were ordered.

Later, Licensed

On 19th July 2001 Adminspotting T-Shirts went on sale from NTK's geekstyle web site. Their licence has now expired, however.

2015 Edition

Official Adminspotting T-Shirts were made and shipped on 30th May 2015. Baseball caps too!

2024 Edition

I am currently taking orders for 2024 shirts. Orders will be taken until 17th March, then the order will be placed with the printers, and once produced, I'll pack them and ship them.

I've a quite crappy online shop to handle the ordering.



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